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Connect Groups are more than just a social gathering. They are the life of the church! Being part of a connect groups will help you to develop strong relationships in smaller group settings, and give you the opportunity to discuss God’s Word and how to practically live out your faith. Connect, share life, grow, and reach out to your world together as a family in your Carecell!

Our adult and family connect groups are spread across the island. Whether you live or work in Singapore’s North, South, East, or West, there is a carecell near you! There are also carecells especially for young adults and for families (children are welcome too).

More comfortable speaking Mandarin or a language besides English? Our Language Ministries have carecells just for you! Email us or click here to find out more about our language services.


“Since I joined a Connect Group, I realized that being a Christian is not just about going to church every Sunday and leading a mundane life. I found the joy of being able to bless others. Whenever I receive the abundant love and blessings from God, it almost instinctively urges me to love and bless the people around me. I want to thank my Connect Group for helping me become a more competent, confident and victorious Christian!”
–Daryl Sung, North District

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