AlphaTrack Application

  • Batch 55
    May 11 - Aug 2, 2020
    (Application is closed)
  • Batch 56
    Sep 14 - Dec 4, 2020
    (Application closes Aug 9, 2020)

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What is AlphaTrack?

Be Immersed · Be Transformed · Be Released AlphaTrack is a 3-month full-time experiential program that equips and empowers ordinary believers to be Harvest Warriors and Strategic Leaders. Be immersed in the presence of God. Be transformed by His power. Be released to impact the church and marketplace.

What can you expect?

Learn to hear the voice of God
as you immerse yourself in an environment of faith and worship

Discover your passions and giftings
and how to apply them to your life and ministry

Acquire ministry and leadership skills
in the areas of prayer, evangelism and more

Catch God’s heartbeat
for the lost through evangelism and cross-cultural missions

Grow in boldness
to pray for people and increase your faith for miracles and breakthrough

Cultivate team ministry skills
as you serve one another

Fulfil God’s destiny
for your life

Spiritual Parents (SP) and above may apply. If you are not yet a commissioned SP, please speak to your Pastor before applying. Participants will also be involved in overseas ministry for 1-2months.

Registration closes on Sun, Jul 21